Thursday, July 14, 2011

Treasure Trove

I build fishing rods and repair fishing reels. Typically, my day is pretty much the same.
  • 9 AM Walk into the front room, flip on the lights, turn the sign around and unlock the door.
  • Repairing reels can be rather frustrating particularly if a spring sproings off in directions unseen.     Reels can be as intricate as watches and challenging to diagnose. They can be filthy dirty.  Good thing I don't mind dirty hands.
  • Repairing rods, building rods and refurbishing rods give me a creative outlet and is my favorite part of my job. 
  • word, SUCKS. that is all.
  • 5 PM  Lock the door, turn the sign around, flip off the lights, and walk out of the front room.    
Today, however, was different.  I acquired these...


and these...

             and this...

These old tackle boxes are chock full of old lures, some quite old, and quite a few are in original boxes.  These pics are after we went through them and tossed the trash and organized (somewhat) the lures.  

Here are some of my favorites...


and...a whole passel of BINGO lures...

It has been a blast going through all these boxes.  They may not look like much to y'all but, these are a treasure trove of antique lures.  My next mission, research.


  1. WOW! Way to score! When I was younger, I loved to fish. I recognize some of those lures from about 40 years (or more) ago! You have a treasure there, indeed!

  2. I can't wait to do some research. Hopefully, we will have a collector come by and look at them. We called him, yesterday.

  3. My other half used to make fishing rods as well. That's a lot of lure you have. Cool pics.

  4. Thanks D! Still researching...